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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
The fact most Star Wars actors (Ian McDiamond and James Earl Jones are noteable exceptions) are not known for their acting prowes makes your tirade on Natalie Portman serve no point I could see except an oppotunity to attack Jews, and with you taking the bait so easily and, as I've pointed out, to do Skin a favor I considered it the wisest option. What, you'd prefer I start flame wars over attacks on Israel?

If she isn't known for her acting, what is she known for?

Originally Posted by Spider AL
Ah well, if some actress who appeared in some Star Wars films says Israel's in the right, it MUST be so. Especially considering how great her performance was.

Honestly, this comment of yours has to be the single most hilariously irrelevant comment I've ever read or heard on the topic of Israel's conduct. I mean, I like one or two of Portman's performances on film... but I don't look to entertainers to inform my political views, and I encourage you to avoid doing so as well.
I don't see the word "Jew" in there. I see her referred to as a so-so actress who you apparently look up to for some reason that escapes me.

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