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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
"This is the basic premise underlying "Rainbow Six" The term "rainbow" symbolises the multi-national make-up of the force. Its primary loyalties would be to the overriding values of law and order, it would be free to mount a swift and deadly response, without first having to cut through red tape and without having to waste weeks of precious time cobbling together ad-hoc "coalitions."

In the war against terrorism (not Iraq, terrorism) the world could greatly benefit were such an idea to become reality. A multinational team working in the interests of the international community and given the blessing of the UN would not only be able to handle terrorism on a scale that maybe the nation where the incident takes place cannot but because of the multinational makeup and service to every nationality such a team cannot be accused of lashing out American Imperialism.
Yes, Nancy that will be a great thing to occur, it is NOW about time NATO get off there but.
And participate in maintaining peace on this rock.
But this world don't want to work in cooperation like that.
To many preceptions, to much pride(U.S.A) and arrogance and what else I can come up with latter.
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