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This still has no relevance. Just because any actor has played neat roles in movies does not mean that they are a reasonable source, or perhaps that their support of Israel somehow validates anything is somewhere above and beyond silly.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
What, you'd prefer I start flame wars over attacks on Israel?
Actually, no. I really would not prefer that. I would prefer that you do what is intended by the forum, and actually engage in serious discussion about the points that have been raised by the people who you disagree with, as opposed to taking everything personally and assuming that every single statement is somehow a direct attack against you.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
makes your tirade on Natalie Portman serve no point I could see except an oppotunity to attack Jews
Once again, it wasn't even a tirade on Natalie Portman. It was a brief paragraph, followed by a lengthy post that was based on OTHER points of your post that were incorrect. It's what happens in a debate. It is, in fact, the entire purpose of this forum.
Also, you can scan the entirety of Al's posts, and you'll be hard pressed to actually find him attacking Jews. Ever. Just because Israel is composed primarily of Jewish people, doesn't mean that disagreeing with the actions of Israel somehow makes someone a hater of Jews, or some other such nonsense.

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