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First of all congrats on becoming a mod.

Now, I've covered this a bit before, but to clarify anything that might be confusing, I happen to agree with Natalie Portman's support of Israel. That's not because she said so, but because I look at what's going on and draw my own conclusions. The same as I agree, up to a point, with the portrayal of a future Britain the Wachowski brothers had created in V for Vendetta, and the analogies to present day. Even the parts I don't nessecarily agree with or find uncomfortable (the heroic V talking about the destruction of symbols recalling Osama Bin Laden and the World Trade Centre, James Berendalli's words) I admire the courage of what they have put on celloid. The same goes for politicians, deep thinkers, anyone. I think Bush and America deserve credit for wanting to get rid of Saddam Hussein, but deserve criticism for going to war. I maintain that we won the conflict against the Iraqi military but failed misribly at what followed, from politics to insurgency to controversy (Abu Gharib). As I said I support Israel, and their right to defend itself against terrorism, but not it's attack on Hezbollah or plans on launching a nuclear strike against Iran. Again this is not because of what Bush said or what Natalie Portman said, or really what anyone says. It comes from me looking at these things and getting information on these things and making judgements on what I consider right and wrong. Are some of these judgements instinctive and spontanious? Of course, the torture that occured at Abu Gharib and the beheading of Nick Berg and Margarett Hassan, I don't need to spend a week studying university texts to know these are wrong. The same for America to launch an attack in the face of heavy disapproval and rejection from the UN. Maybe my views are very diffirent to the views of some others, and they would even be upsetting to some.
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