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Nice thread, this will help in the future.
I have a few things to say about critique; don't make it short and don't make it pointless. Such as "Nice, keep it up!" as Pottsie has typed above. When you post critique like this, it really makes the author feel like you didn't actually read it (I say this because that's what I think sometimes). It really is best to read the writer's fic through-out and post a good comment/critique about it. If they're doing bad in grammar or spelling, notify them in your post. And if you see areas in their fic where they need help on, give them a little advice on what you think would be good to see.

Also to the authors; be patient! I've seen some people on this forum, during my short stay, that get too impatient with posts on their thread. So they bump the thread with a two sentence long add-on or they bump it with a "Anyone wanna post about my fic?". I've found that if you wait, people will comment/critique on your thread eventually. And if they don't for a matter of days then try to add another chapter that is well thought-out and is as descriptive and has as much effort put into it as your first chapter. This is the advice I have on Fan Fictions. Hope it helps.

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