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Not going to happen. Why? Because other countries, unlike us, realize that you can't "fight terrorism" any more than you can "fight drugs" or "fight poverty." Because terrorism is any time that some crazy **** stands up and says "hey, I'm gonna kill some people until they adopt my personal religious/political/social/economic/etc. ideology."

All you can do is give extremists reasons why resorting to terrorism is not the answer to what they see as the problem. For example, not only did the U.S. help fund al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden during the Cold War, but we gave them the reason why they hate us today; our stationing of troops in the Middle East, specifically in Saudi Arabia after our former Iraqi puppet dictator, the late Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait.

You see... al-Qaeda is OUR problem. WE helped create al-Qaeda and WE pissed them off. Other countries really have no reason why they should even get involved. It has been shown that when they get involved, they are then attacked (Britain, Spain). Is this appeasing?

Perhaps it is. But usually when you have a danger threatening you, such as a hooded guy with a gun in a dark alley, you USUALLY would give him what he wants. Is that appeasing the criminal? I guess it is, and every non-suicidal person would do it. So instead of saying "no, mister bad guy, I will NOT give you my wallet, and you will be forced to shoot my brains out," just give him your ****ing wallet, or learn to avoid getting into **** like that to begin with. Like, don't walk in a dark alley at night for ****'s sake. That's what the U.S. has been doing. Walking around in places we don't belong ****ing with crazy people. Commies, fundies, fascists, you name them.

If we didn't get involved in **** that's not our business to begin with, we wouldn't have problems. Since WWII, a lot of European countries have learned that lesson. However, since we were victorious in WWII, and then also in the Cold War, we haven't learned that yet. Europe, for the most part, has figured out that if you just don't disturb a beehive, you won't get stung. That's why Europe has mostly had a "hands-off" approach to "fighting terrorism." That's why they will never help, and why they shouldn't help us either.
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