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Well if anyone actually looks at this again, I am still posting on this (I admit I was going to give up checking)

The Star Ghost loomed through space, scanning for Sith ships and other hostile craft. John walked up the bridge isle and examined the vast blackness before him.
"Captain have you found anything?" He asked the young man at the helm.
"No sir, no enemy presence since they fled yesterday." The captain replyed
"Keep searching, i sense a great disturbance in the force, we are definatly not alone."
"Yes, sir."
"Well Captain I for one will be very glad when this is all over- wait- BRACE YOURSELVES!"

It was to late, the Sith cruisers and fighters came out of hyperspace, immeadeatly opening fire on the Star Ghost, the whole craft shook under the enemy's fire.
"Return fire," John shouted. "Send a distress call at once!"

The sheilds (very archaic back then) went out fast, exposing the hull, which was immediatly breach by enemy fire. The battle was not going well at all.
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