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Regardless of the illegality and inherent flaws of his trial, one can at least rest assured that he was certainly deserving of his fate. The real danger now is that the leaked footage of him being mocked and bayed at makes him into a dead martyr and fans the flames of Sunni discontent. Still, the "what's next" part is pretty obvious; it's just the same as it was before Saddam was hung. Iraq is still teetering on the brink of all-out civil war and a magnet for Muslim terrorists and paramilitaries of all descriptions. Saddam Hussein has been a largely irrelevant sideshow since his capture.

And any actor's or actress's political views or nationalities are totally irrelevant to this discussion or the actions of world governments. Toby Keith (probably) wants to nuke Iran. So what?

And windu6, if you really didn't care about Spider AL not responding to you, you wouldn't feel the need to tell him that.

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