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What needs to get done now....we broke it, we need to fix it.
1. Get the oil wells producing well so the country can make money and get its economy going better, and people can have jobs. People with good jobs tend to dislike things that take good jobs away, like revolutions. Try to curb corruption in that field so money actually goes (heaven forbid) to the Iraqis, since it's their oil in the first place.
And @SA--I never said, nor implied, that religion was the _ultimate_ motivation in the Middle East. My earlier post was addressing Iranian agents, not the entire region as you assumed. It's just more influential than nationalism in a lot of the Middle East, because you can't separate Islam from Middle Eastern politics like you can other religions in, say, EU, the Far East, or North America. However, _the_ ultimate motivation is controlling the oil/oil wealth. Saudi Arabia, for example, is not where it is in world standing because it's the birthplace of Islam. It's there because of its oil wealth and its influence on OPEC, which in turn influences the economies of industrialized nations. Money (or greed, if one wants to be cynical about it) speaks louder than any other language or religion.
2. Make sure basic necessary services get put in place quickly--water, food, sanitation, medical care, schools, warm/cool (depending on time of year) and dry housing, basic security, etc. People who have adequate food and water and who are safe, warm, and dry have far less motivation to engage in activities that would take that away.
3. Appropriate representation for all the major groups in gov't (Sunni, Shi'a, Kurds). No group is ever going to feel that their interests are completely fairly represented in the gov't, but it's going to work a lot better if everyone at least feels the gov't is not entirely unfair in its makeup.
4. Adequate security to minimize the number of terrorists/paramilitaries. Obviously that needs to be an Iraqi job, but we need to help get them to the point where they can do that. UN support would likely be better received by a lot of groups vs US/UK-only support.

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