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The 18th hurried ahead of them as the strike missed them on the other side of the wall. Dak and his group headed after them shooting the droids coming from the sides of them. A soldier ahead of Dak then got hit in is arm and fell to the ground gripping his elbow. "Ahh it hurts."
"Yeah I bet..." Dak kneeled down and ripped his sleeve and then wrapped it around the man's arm and tied it. "Come."
He stood up and started jogging again with his arm dangling with a gun in hand.
"Charlie we got an injured. Try and clear a way into the fortress and bring him in. Me and the other guys will head down to the beach and check on the status down there with your other teammates." Dak yelled to Charlie as the injured man ran towards him. A energy blast sped past his head and he turned around and started to the beach shooting any droid he seemed to be threatening him.
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