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I'm two minds about America sending troops to Somalia, or indeed interfering with Africa full stop. On the one hand Mohammed Aidid used starvation as a weapon of war, and I'm not sure if he's still around but I'm sure the other clans commit similar atrocities. On the other hand America had failed before, even with the use of army rangers and Delta Force. The point about sending troops all around the world is a very valid one, as especially with Iraq I question how many are volunteering for service. I know they had to drop their standereds for new recruits and there were fears of a draft. There are a lot of other problems beside the warring factions in Somalia. That fat **** Mugabe and his tyrany over Zimbabwe. Pol Pot was African wasn't he? Rape and genocide was rampent, is it still? And there are places you are advised to avoid at all costs, such as the Ivory Coast. Finally if America is so determined to help the people of Africa, it has deep pockets, try helping them financially. To be fair they were pushing for this, did anything come of it?
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