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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
I might need to reread my history but didn't the Nazis just take over with no resistence to European countries? My understanding is it was only when Britain was threatened that the push against Hitler began.
But why did Nazis take power in Germany to begin with? The answer is that they were democratically elected by a very pissed off country. Why were the Germans so pissed? Well, because the rest of the world after WWI forced Germany to take all the blame for the war, and forced them to pay for damages from the war, despite their country being in ruins, their people killed, and their economy and infastructure ruined.

So then this guy Adolf Hitler comes along and starts making patriotic speeches, and gains Germany's loyalty. He said that the reason why Germany was destroyed was not their fault like the world says, but that it's Europe's fault, and the Jews' fault (of course!), which allowed him and his people to take power. He was a strong leader who delivered results for Germany when the rest of the world told the Germans to go **** themselves.

The lesson learned is that you cannot destroy a country and leave its people in ruin, and on top of that, force them to pay for everything, despite them having to rebuild their own country from scratch.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
I think I can answer this. It is my understanding that when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan the CIA trained and armed Al Qaeda and the Taliban to fight them.
That's correct.
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