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OT- I guess Anakin is right, there aren't really enough people, but I'm kinda bored, and on top of that, no one else has joined. I don't care if you use Yoda, however he was only 900 years old (only lol) and this is set at least 10000 years before he was born. But I guess he could be his ancestor or whatever.

Having heard the distress call, a Republic figate with a small fighter escort exited hyperspace. They began to open fire on the enemy vessals.

Right now the battle was not going well at all for the Star Ghost, which had lost large sections of the hull and many crewmembers. As another missile hit the ship, John was temporarily blinded as it hit right next to the bridge viewing platform, barley missing the window.

The Republic frigate could do nothing about the much larger Sith cruisers so positioned itself above the Star Ghost to ward of attacking fighters. It's small escort encircled both of the ships.

"Hailing the Star Ghost, this is Republic Frigate Designation 181, more ships are on their way." The frigate captain called.

John got on the intercomm.

"This is the Star Ghost, we thank you for your timely aid, when will the other ships arrive, we can't hold much longer!" John said.

"They are en-route now, Frigate 181 out." came the reply.
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