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John sensed Sem before he saw his ship, originally thinking he was a Sith, then thinking he was a Jedi, then finally coming to the conclusion that he was neither, just a Force Sensitive (O/T- you are right?).

"Hailing the Warp V, this is republic cruiser the Star Ghost, we are in a bit of a predicament, will you help? More Republic Cruisers are on the way but the ship is breaking up and i need help fast!" John said.

The Star Ghost now threatened to lose orbital stability and plummet to planet below, a forest world, uninhabbited, by the name of Kashyyke (sp?). Rumour was that there were huge hairy beasts, capable of tearing a man limb from limb down there(O/T- Soon will discover wookies). It was the last place short of Korriban that John wanted to crash on.

"Sir, we have lost 75% of our weaponry and the Navigation computer is gone!" A fearful Luitenant told John with a red face.

"Captain, activate all boosters and open emergancy flaps, we need to maintain orbit!" John shouted.
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