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"Senator Rasa, thank you for helping my brother," Alka spoke after the senator had given orders to send a ship to help Master Komad. Not used to giving kindness since nearly four years ago, she was rusty in terms of gratitude. That wasn't a hindrance as it gave her command of a large portion of the fleet in this threat that Komad explained to her after he spoke with Dar. Due to that, she kept up a regular correspondence with Tyrannus, asking advice or seeing if he wanted to return.

Greea was in her favorite room at the Jedi Temple, the meditation room. It helped her to focus in light of the hormone induced emotions that had been coursing through her the last six or so months. She had her doubts and fears as to it being fair or not. Her musings were interrupted when a student came in and gave her word that Master Kaltas was back, alive and well from the Forbidden Stars. She dismissed the padawan and stood up to stretch. She gazed out the window as if hoping the ship would appear right away.

The answer was always the same: he would leave when the Force guided him. For six months she had been asking him that question and each time it was the same. It didn't matter if there was war in the Republic or not. That was not his problem for now. The time will come when he would have to join the ranks but not now. Tyrannus wandered through the swamps of Dagobah at a stroll like pace. A bad idea considering the types of creatures that existed there but early one the wildlife seemed to sense that he wasn't one to be messed with and left him well alone. Classic height of his people, he accentuated the Avalonian traits well and they camoflaged his Mandalorian ancestry. He loved a good fight but didn't lust for it like his predecessors. Indeed, he was more Jedi in that respect. He wandered without a care, aware that one day he would have to answer her call to battle.

((Alkonium: I see you used the Forbidden Stars as part of your story. The planet databank thread has more details about the system nearby))

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