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Good luck to all you mods out there may the best mod win! (I wonder what the prize is?) Anyway, we at UEAW have had a few setbacks the last few months. In spite of the fact that we were hacked TWICE, and out site was down for a considerable time, we still were busy as ever creating the future of our mod game. In spite of the fact that we had (1) member of our mod who was (secret to us at the time) on a rival mod, and had at the time given us negative publicity, we still were considered as one of the top mods last year.
I think the thing that makes us #1 is the fact that the team (minus that 1 individual) ARE ALL GREAT TEAM PLAYERS! We work well together, we help each other, and we consider others with respect. It is a pleasure to be on this team. UEAW has been a learning experience for me; my model making skills have made leaps and bounds since I joined nearly a year ago. I attribute that to our captain, Jones. I think we should all have a vote for the best team CAPITAIN...Jones would win hands down! Jones has been instrumental in forging the direction we are going. By the way, we ARE tooling up to mod FOC, Jones again. We ARE preparing to add nearly 200 new ships to the mod. Again, Jones at the helm. Hey, we are what we are, and we got there not so much by all the hard work we put in, but by being a real team. My vote goes to the Ultimate Empire at War!

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