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igyman: Think of it this way, he is agitated. His prize catch just got away, he is out in space and he was always annoyed by Keegan's presence anyway. Also you should know that sometimes Avalonians use humor to make light of their problems. You see this alot with Karas and Kirabaros. Besides I had just recently watched the Eraser and that one sequence embedded itself in my mind.

Pottsie: I know you can't bear the pain which is why I have noticed you haven't written to beg me when the next chapter comes out. The Lost Tales I am going to rewrite when I figure out my next poem and shorties.

On another note: I described the Avalon system in the planet databank thread. All the planets except one have an eastern/European connection to it. My water world Atzlan is actually Mesoamerican. It is the mythical homeland of the Aztecs meaning Place of the White Heron. I thought I should point that out since I am considering a shortie involving that planet.

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