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As I understand it, much of the southwestern US is actually owned by the US government and there are many military bases throughout. Even if you rely on such sources as the history channel, military channel, etc.., it becomes obvious that a lot of classified activities are going on out there. Given that the Roswell incident took place in the early stages of the cold war, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to conclude that a great deal of classified aerial activity was going on in this region. It would make a lot of sense, from a national security pov, to a) keep such activities top secret and b) misdirect, probably with stories of UFOs, people away from the goings on at these bases. Afterall, it becomes quite easy to marginalize people who claim that UFOs are secretly kept hidden away somewhere, but who can't produce a piece of tangible evidence to prove their case. The whole UFO scenario then becomes an effective mask behind which the govenrment could continue with such projects as the SR71, U2, B2, etc... in relative secrecy. Increasingly sophisticated satellite tech does make this a bit more difficult, but not impossible.
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