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Although John was glad that the Warp V had joined the battle, he was afraid it was to late for the Star Ghost. He was stuggling to make the descision to abandon ship and get into the escape pods. The Republic cruisers would send search parties to find their escape pods down on Kashyyk.

The Star Ghost was begining to lose altitude now, entering the first layer of the green planet's atmosphere, John was about to give the order to get to the escape pods when the Frigate above them broke in half. John sensed the deaths, and was temporarily unable to do anything, being overwhelmed by the loss of life. That moment cost him the chance to launch the escape pods, as a part of the frigate smashed into the middle of the Star Ghost, forcing him to order the blast doors shut to stop loss of air.

It was all or nothing now, most likely nothing. Finally, 2 Frigates and a Cruiser exited hyperspace and began firing upon the Sith Cruisers. Unfortunatly, the Star Ghost had lost her comm array, and was begining to plummet to the planet below.

"Captain! Open all emergancy flaps and ready for descent!" John shouted.
"Yes, Sir!"
"Come in shallow, we already lost alot of our hull and I'm worried that any debris that falls of could hit the bridge."
"Yes sir, seting descent angle to 30 degrees!"
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