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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
You could read the wiki entry. It's pretty interesting, particularly the bit about testing the U-2 there. I lurves the U-2; it's an awesome plane.
Yes, U2 is great, but I've always been partial to the B-52s. Every time Love Shack hit the radio...

I'm up to discussing fighter planes in another thread, the Black Bird projects were ace, but back on topic. Looking at Groom Lake with the possible exception of the large perimiter deterrence (warning signs and such) there really isn't anything out of the ordinary from other military bases. Deadly force would be autherised on dangerous trespassers from Fort Hood to Camp David, it should be anyway. Area 51 though has that mystique about it, no doubt spurred on by the media and it's representation as having ties to Roswel and aliens in fiction. It's interesting how they raised most of the secrets there were moved and they keep the secrecy to misdirect attention. If that is true it's a great idea, something I'd be proud to think of myself were I involved at all. But the question I am wondering is who played the Rodian in that alien interview?
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