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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
As I understand it, much of the southwestern US is actually owned by the US government and there are many military bases throughout. Even if you rely on such sources as the history channel, military channel, etc.., it becomes obvious that a lot of classified activities are going on out there. Given that the Roswell incident took place in the early stages of the cold war, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to conclude that a great deal of classified aerial activity was going on in this region. It would make a lot of sense, from a national security pov, to a) keep such activities top secret and b) misdirect, probably with stories of UFOs, people away from the goings on at these bases.
Maybe they, the air force are building starfighters; small UFOs and the Navy might be building starships; the gigantic UFOs airline pilots reports.
That could be another possibility to explain all the secrecy.
Or, they could be building high power particle beam weapons and high energy plasma weapons, or cold plasma physics application to cloaking jet fighters.
Future weaponry can also explain what the hell is going on there.
I will pick both of these as explanations.
Or, what else the hell could they be hiding there?

After the speeds of SR-71 planes, flying multiple times faster than mach 3: 2,224.36471mph will be more effective higher above the atmosphere or in space; higher attitude less dense air, less drag, lower the temperatures experience by air friction in low air density. Or more effective in space with lower g forces; safer negative g forces cause by climbing and maneuvering, operating in space far from Earth lessen the possibility of grayout and have safer positive g forces that is cause by a plane diving, operating in space will of course lessen the possibility of redout. Also operation in space will lower the possibility of dying if far from gravitational influences of Earth and the Moon, lower the possibility of pilots dying or the aircraft or spacecraft itself being destroyed from the very high deadly g forces experience with extreme sharp turns in the process of maneuvering at speeds many multiple times higher than mach 3.

Unless they got some sort of antigravitational technology that will have inertia dampers in the aircraft cockpits that will negate pilots from experiencing g forces when maneuvering and allow the secret aircraft or spacecraft to ride a gravitational wave for attitude control and manevering action, but why would they threaten to kill people for coming in Area 51 for that?

Anitgravity will solve a lot of problems; lessen the rocket fuel mass for interplanetary travel ; negate gravity or counter it, don't have to have hundred thousands of pounds of rocket fuel of chemical reaction mass as the mass of the cargo goes up, for the potential energy needed to convert in kinetic energy of motion of thrust velocity to reach Earth's gravitational field escape velocity of 6.96mi/s aprox. for interplanetary travel.

Also going that fast, 25,053.7mph aprox.(mach 33.79 aprox.) or the hypersonic regime, the lower specific heat capacities of surface material will cause for most aircraft moving at those speeds through the atmosphere to burn up due to atmospheric friction that will ionzie the atmosphere gases to a couple 1000 F* plasma temperatures, if maintain at those hypersonic velocities in the confines atmosphere for long periods of time.

Also with antigravity technology, commercial jet aircraft airline planes can fly to space at lower velocities like their 300-600mph velocity ranges and also escape the Earth gravitational field, since gravity is negated or cancel completely, of course if these airplanes are refitted with rocket engines or maybe more powerful thrust ion engines or engines that don't need to breathe in air for operation, also other technical details for successful space operation for commercial jet aircraft.
This antigravity technology will allow easy access to space for civilians.

Or, aerospace engineers can use the force of gravity itself for spacecraft propulsion, with antigravity technology that will lower the dependency on very large amount of rocket fuel payloads for interplanetary travel or cancel that dependency completely.
And with antigravity technology we would probably finally make interstellar travel possible and open the Milky Way galaxy up for exploration.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Afterall, it becomes quite easy to marginalize people who claim that UFOs are secretly kept hidden away somewhere, but who can't produce a piece of tangible evidence to prove their case. The whole UFO scenario then becomes an effective mask behind which the govenrment could continue with such projects as the SR71, U2, B2, etc... in relative secrecy. Increasingly sophisticated satellite tech does make this a bit more difficult, but not impossible.
How would you explain all these thousands of people who claim they have been abducted by aliens other then the skeptics explanation; they are crazy, nut cases, delusional; it is in their minds?
Would you say the government is behind alien abductions,
and behind cattle mutilations?

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