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The Sera Tana Saga

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This is the first part of the Sera Tana Saga. This is a Short Fic and the others will be long Fics, except for the last part, which will be a Short Fic like this. I know, that the meeting isn't on there, I will edit it in sometime, since I haven't had time to write it and I won't post the finished link, until I finish that uncompleted part. I'll let you know when I've edited it in. Enjoy.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga Part I - Leaving for the Unknown Regions

Approximately four thousand years before the rise of the GALACTIC EMPIRE and the BATTLE OF YAVIN, the former SITH LORD, REVAN left for the UNKNOWN REGIONS four years ago, which was one year after the JEDI CIVL WAR. He has been there since.

On the way to the planet, TELOS, the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA and her closest friend, ATTON RAND are preparing to see an important member of the REPUBLIC and one of the only remaining JEDI left in the galaxy. Little does Atton know, that Sera has something to tell him. A month has passed, since DARTH TRAYA’s death on MALACHOR V.

Meanwhile, on Telos, the current ADMIRAL of the Republic, CARTH ONASI is concerned that Revan hasn’t returned from the Unknown Regions yet. The JEDI KNIGHT, BASTILA SHAN, is also concerned about Revan and is growing impatient, because he hasn’t returned. They can only hope…


“Will he ever return?” Bastila asked, sighing, as she stared endlessly out of the window.

She missed Revan so much now. Where was he now? Was he alive? Had he been killed? Questions ran through Bastila’s mind, each of them, she knew that she would be unable to answer. Bastila had wondered if she had always loved Revan from the start, during the Mandalorian Wars. Unlike Revan, she remained with the wise Jedi Masters on the Jedi Council. Ever since she had been trained as a Jedi, she had always trusted the Council’s wisdom, always willing to stand with them. As time passed on, especially, during the Jedi Civil War, Bastila wondered if the Jedi teachings were flawed, as Revan once said, before he left with his friend, Malak, to fight against the Mandalorians. Perhaps Revan was right. Perhaps the ways of the Jedi were flawed. Perhaps Bastila should have followed Revan to war. Would that make her any different from who she was now? Bastila heard the door behind her open.

“Bastila,” A voice whispered.

Bastila felt a tear fall from her eye, but Bastila quickly made it look as if she hadn’t been crying. She turned around to see the Republic Admiral, Carth Onasi. He was a close friend of both her and Revan. Like Bastila, he also missed Revan, but not in the same way as Bastila. He wasn’t as desperate as Bastila was. Bastila loved him and Carth didn’t. Carth and Revan were close friends and that was all. Carth had never trusted Revan when they first met on Taris, but then again, he had never trusted anyone since his wife died. Revan had changed all that. He had given Carth a reason to live again. Because of Revan, he had helped Carth find his lost son, who he believed to be dead. Dustil Onasi. Both Carth and Bastila had their reasons for missing their friend.

“Are you alright Bastila?” Carth asking, a soft tone to his voice.

“I’m fine, thank you for asking Admiral… I mean Carth,” Bastila told him, remembering that she didn’t have to call him by any title, once they weren’t in any business with anyone else.

Carth sat down and smiled. He never liked seeing anyone else depressed. Ever since Revan left, Carth had promised Revan, that he would keep the Republic strong. The problem was that the Republic was rapidly falling to utter chaos, because of the loss of many Jedi.

“I notice the Jedi Exile, hasn’t arrived yet,” Carth told Bastila.

“Don’t call her that Carth,” Bastila warned Carth, “She is a person. Sera Tana. Other than us, she is the closest person to Revan. I remember when they… were in love once.”

Carth didn’t say anything as he stood up the leave. He wanted to be there, when the Jedi Exile… Sera Tana landed on the Telos Citadel Station. He whispered his goodbyes to Bastila, before leaving.


After a brief night of passion, the Jedi Exile, Sera Tana knew that her time with her friend, Atton Rand would end soon. She loved Atton, but she knew that she would have to go alone into the Unknown Regions to find the first man she ever loved. Revan. She didn’t love Revan anymore, she loved Atton, but she knew that Revan needed help. Help that only she could provide. Sera sat in the co-pilot’s seat, while Atton was in the pilot seat, piloting their ship, the Ebon Hawk, a ship that once belonged to Revan, during the Jedi Civil War.

“Hey beautiful,” Atton spoke, over the beeping noises of the ship’s engines, “What’s wrong? Something troubles you and I can feel it.”

Sera looked at him. She knew that he was right, but did she have to tell him now? Couldn’t they wait until they landed on Telos, before telling him? Sera wondered how he knew.

“Trust me, I know, I’m Force sensitive,” Atton replied to Sera’s thought, as if he read her mind, “Now could you please tell me what’s wrong?”

“We can wait until we’ve met with Admiral Onasi,” Sera told him, hoping that Atton wouldn’t ask her anymore questions.

Luckily, he didn’t.

As the Hawk landed in one of the hangars on the Telos Citadel Station, one of the Telos Security Force guards greeted them. Without talking to either Sera or Atton, the Telos Security Force guard led them to Carth’s office.


“Where do you think Revan is now?” Carth asked Bastila, who had decided to stay with Bastila to keep her company.

“I don’t know,” Bastila told Carth, “I just don’t know. I sense he is still alive but… but I don’t know where.”

Carth put his hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes. He wanted to assure her that Revan was still alive, but even he didn’t know if Revan was still alive.

“Admiral Onasi,” The guard began, startling both Carth and Bastila, “The Jedi Exile is here and she has been accompanied by a certain scoundrel. Do you wish to see them now?”

“Yes please,” Carth told the guard, who immediately sent the two of them in.

Before Sera and Atton entered the room, Bastila left the room. When Sera and Atton entered the room, Sera bowed towards Carth before speaking.

“Greetings, Admiral Onasi,” Sera told him, “It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Master Tana,” Carth told her, believing her to be a Jedi Master.

He turned to greet Atton, but he just nodded and Carth ignored him. How was Carth going to tell Sera that Revan needed to be found? Carth knew that this was a task that only Sera could do. He didn’t know much about Atton, but perhaps he could help Sera, if she would let him.

“I need you to find Revan, Master Tana,” Carth continued, “I fear for his life. The only person I can trust right now is you.”

As Carth said those words, he felt guilty, because he knew Bastila was capable of finding Revan. Sera was the only other person he knew that he could trust. After all, she was one of his most trusted followers, during the Mandalorian Wars.

“I’ll gladly look for Revan,” Sera told Carth, “After all, I did serve under him…”

“And I did too,” Atton interrupted.

Carth smiled and returned his attention to Sera.

“Thank you for doing this for me, Master Tana,” Carth told her, “By doing this, you’ll be doing a tremendous service for the Republic. You may leave when you wish.”

Sera bowed towards him and left, with Atton following her. Carth could only hope that Sera would succeed with the task she had taken upon herself.


Immediately after Sera and Atton’s meeting with Carth and Bastila, the two of them returned to the Hawk. Sera knew that this was now the time to tell Atton that the task in front of her would have to be done alone. Atton immediately grabbed her hand.

“Sera,” He began, “You promised to tell me what was wrong after the meeting. What is it?”

Sera sighed. She wondered how Atton would react and it was how she imagined. She knew that he wanted to go with her, but what Kreia had said was true. She could only complete this task if she was on her own. That was why in her last adventure with everyone, she had been stricter than normal.

“Well, Atton, this task in front of us, well…” Sera began, “It can only be done alone.”

“What are you saying?” Atton asked.

Sera sighed, immediately grabbed Atton’s other hand, while they held hands together. Sera looked into Atton’s eyes and Sera felt a tear pour down her face.

“Atton, Kreia once told me that where I must go, I can’t take anyone with me,” Sera told Atton, trying to keep strong for the two of them, “I trust her wisdom. Revan did what Kreia has told me and yes he hasn’t returned, but things will always happen to the people of those closest to them. I don’t want that to happen to you. Do you understand?”

Atton nodded, sad to know that what Sera was saying was true.

“So where will you go now?” Atton asked.

Sera didn’t reply, as she boarded upon the Hawk. She turned to see Atton walking off.

“I don’t know yet!” Sera shouted, noticing Atton lightening up, “But trust me, the journey ahead of me will be long!”

And with that, Sera knew that a new journey had begun. She was leaving for the Unknown Regions. To find her leader. To find the former dark lord of the Sith. Her first love. Revan.

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