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Tekla ran down the shore towards the defending 18th force and waved that he was an ally. He ran up to some soldier and asked, "Who's in charge of this group, besides Charlie, since hes not here?"
"That man right over there." he said pointing to a man behind a little wall.
"Sir, Private Dak of the 16th force. Your leader Charlie, ordered me to tell you that you need to take cover in the fortress because there are orbital strikes incoming very soon, and our only chance of survival is cover in the forest up the shore beyond the fortress. We need to make it past the fortress and to the other 18th force."
"Commands are commands. Men! Follow this man, he's your temporary leader, follow him."
Dak unwilling to be leader, knodded his head and started up the shore. "This half follow me the other half follow him around that way and cut of the droid advance, while making your way up beside us. The more spread apart we are, the harder targets we are." All the soldiers knodded in agreement and started following there assigned leader. Dak made his way towards the fortress, as he heard some major blangs coming from space. "That's not good," as a one orbital strike nailed the group of soldiers to the far side of him.
"Keep going." he waved over his head. as another hit the ground down the beach where they all were standing previously.
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