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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
In this case, however, his actual skill in developing the product was irrelevant. Quite the contrary to the capitalist ideal of "Work = $$$."
Ability and skill do not equal work. You can be the greatest programmer and you would still earn zero money if you never made a creation. Work would be putting effort into your project and also making sure it can sell as well as it can. Capitalism isn't simply putting a product on the market and assuming it'll sell on its merits; you have to also get it to your customers. The company he sold his product to had put in effort to market his own creation, and therefore earned more.

It wouldn't seem fair to most people that he had ability and suffered for it, but capitalism is hardly a fair system.
That isn't a criticism that any other economical system could have fixed- mercantilism would've kept it still unnoticed, except maybe if a competitor program had been artificially kept out. Socialistic communism certainly wouldn't have worked, as he would not have designed the product in the first place if he couldn't get any money for it anyway.

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