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Thanks!! Yeah this one was tough! 44 Minutes fighting.
Spawned on the right of the map and cruised to the
left,while suddenly I got somehow surrounded and they
spawned in from the left and the right. Had about 3 or
4 ISD's left and a missilefrigate and an acclamotor or
VSD. Gotta fill the whole borderline of planets. The ZC
is better to fight against, as the rebels use another very
agressive tactic with the frigate.

The interdictorfield is very good against those torpedoes
(vs. the ZCs not really I think), I think its just very hard
because ISDs can hardly target those MC30s because
they are so fast and cruising arround you all the time and
bust away the tiebombers with their special ability (this
strange looking ringblast or what it is) while I want to go
on their engines. Having missilefrigates in the spawned
fleet isnt that easy too, as the fleet most times is spawned
automatically and I got all sorts of ships (tartan, missilefrig,
vsd, acclamator, isd) and the fleet is spawned balanced.

Though, sometimes, I dont know why (it happend most times
when I used Adm. Thrawn), I have the chance to spawn the
fleet (at the start of the battle I mean) myself how I want it.
What can be very important for battle going.

I think theres not really a good counterpart-ship vor the imps
versus those frigates. Except the Tie - defender maybe. Didnt
try that out yet.
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