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Originally Posted by Samnmax221
Did you make your accent really prominent, seems like a good way to reel in some chicks.

I have the most generic English accent in the world (I blame my parents), even British people can't tell where I'm from in England, only that I'm English (and even then that's a maybe). And as fun as that is sometimes (fewer times than you'd think) it does bring me across as being slightly arrogant when I'm not... that and I was with my parents so putting the moves on the ladies wasn't at the top of my agenda anymore.

Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
I think I'll leave anyway. The only person nice to me was Joshi.
Yeah, well I'm a mod, it's sort of in the job description... yes, I'm joking, I was nice to you because I'm a nice guy (and you're the only female here... and pretty much the only regular who doesn't annoy the hell out of me all the time)

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