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Originally Posted by jmac7142
Actually, it goes to the Electoral College. The average American's vote counts for next to nothing.
Tell me about the Electoral College.

Originally Posted by windu6
Well, that seem to be the case.
The documentary Farenhieght 9/11, called propaganda by the republicans, it is conspiracy theory, that Saudi Arabia have 1 Trillion dollars invested in United States.
You might like to have a look at Fahrenhype, a counter docuementary by someone who had studied Moore's film and pointed out, I think it was 58 inaccuracies, manipulations and lies, such as Moore taking an opinion letter from a newspaper, twisting it around, enlarging the font and everything to make it look like a headline stating Al Gore won the election rather than Bush.
Originally Posted by windu6
But who is J mart, Nancy?
Is it J Mart or Wal Mart I'm thinking of? Anyway, they're big box super superstores that on average would take up a square block. Anything and everything you can buy elsewhere is sold there cheaper. Basically when they come in it's about time for everyone else to ship out as they just cannot compete.

Originally Posted by windu6
I'm not sure if that is truly accurate.
I'm not sure if the number was accurate either, the point is Americans vote in who they want to be President.

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