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Damien stayed in his seat for a few moments and got up. That Goren was a quiet guy.

"Oh well this is a big ship and I should explore."

He looked at Zakk and thought.

"I might do that later, looks fun."

JA-TI made a mechancial laugh.

"You are a silly one" and he walked off.

Damien looked around the dormatory and found a bunk bed.

"Mine!" He saw a plain piece of paper across the room and used the force to bring it toward him and wrote Damien's bed.

He stuck it on his bed and walked off happy with is territory.

A few minutes later he walked by Jaara in the Cargo Hold.

He smirked but didn't say anything.

He came to the bridge at the top of the ship and sat down watching the stars.

"Hmm two days that's a long way for and this is a fast ship."

He came back to the dormatory and sat down with Zakk into a healing trance. He certainly needed it after all the nergy he had used today.

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