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Jaara and JA-T1 exit the boarding ramp last. The planet seemed trashed, and not well-taken care of. But this kind of place is where you would usually find droid parts, most likely usefull droid parts.

"Master, I advise we start by asking that merchant." JA-T1 said.
Jaara looked over at a human male that was standing under a tent with droids and junk. Jaara nodded and they went over to him.

"Welcome, welcome! Need any parts? I've got the best place in all of As'pin'a!" the man chuckled. "What are you interested in? Credentials? Weapons? I've got it all!"

Jaara roared loudly, which seemed to of startled the man.

"Translation: He wants you to stop trying to persuade him with your advertisements." JA-T1 said. Jaara added a soft growl afterwards.

"And he wants basic parts for a combat droid." JA finished.

"Right ugh... of course. My top model of combat droids is the AC series, Advanced Combat. Though, it is come at a hefty price." the merchant said.

"How much would it be?" JA-T1 asked.

"About 10,000 credits." he answered.
Jaara let out a loud roar of disbelief.

"Master thinks that is a rediculous price, and he will only pay 2,000 credits for it." JA-T1 translated.

"Sorry, no can do. This droid model is very rare, and will not go out of my store easily." he said.

Jaara roared and walked away from the merchant's tent.
"You don't want to know what he said." JA-T1 said, as he followed Jaara.

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