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Originally Posted by Samnmax221
What exactly were you doing in Ohio? Never having been there I would even be able to venture a guess. Besides had you gone to Louisiana you could have picked up some chicks, on account of how you "Taalk fancee!!", of course this doesn't take into account if you are willing to put up with gap toothed ones.

My parents decided to surprise me for my 21st Birthday and take me to the states (well, New York to be precise). We have friends on Ohio so they said we should go stay with them and then we'd all go to New York. I stayed in Ohio for the better part of two weeks and spent about 3 days in New York.

That said, we passed through about 11 states on our travels (spent a night in South Carolina, went up to Niagara (including the Canada side) and then down to New York and passed through all states between). I don't think we went by Louisiana way.

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