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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
You do realize that was a joke, right? (hence the )
Oh, I realised the statement was flippant, Tot. But despite that, I felt it raised a point worth answering seriously.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
A friend of mine shared this thought with me, if the American government is half as bad as some people claim then why arn't there agents reading forums and the like and seeking to silence those who criticise Bush, Iraq, Israel, ect?
Your friend sounds like quite the silly person.

The fact that we're not all being assassinated in our beds by the FBI or MI5 for speaking out against US/UK policy merely shows that the governmental reactions to criticism aren't as amoral as they could be. It doesn't mean they're not amoral.

And frankly, even if they were the kind of juntas who were routinely willing to assassinate dissidents, they wouldn't have to... because we're not currently a threat to the centres of power. We don't represent a majority, and the majority blindly accepts whatever nonsense is fed to them via the mainstream media. The majority comes out with warped things like:

"A true welfare state? Oh that'd never work. I mean, what little welfare we have is crumbling around us!"

When in fact, the limited welfare systems of our nations are working astonishingly well, considering the amount of governmental effort that goes into trying to kill them.

Or even such nonsense as:

"Oh, the war was definitely a mistake. But our hearts were in the right place!" etcetera, etcetera.

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