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Originally Posted by EagerWeasel
Not necessarily. If the game takes place only a few years after TSL she wouldn't be too old. Remember, in KotOR I, she was still a young padawan.
Actually, she was a Jedi Knight in KotOR.

Originally Posted by Melly
Bastila: "I wondered if the Council wanted to see how I would help and guide you on our quest. I wondered if they were testing me to see if I was ready to become a Jedi Master myself. And then I realized how foolish such thoughts were. As the Council explained, sending a Master in our group would only have drawn unwanted attention from the Sith. The fate of the galaxy is at stake, the Council would not risk it merely to test me. They calculated the risks and in the end chose the only option available."
Although I haven’t played KotOR for almost half a year now, I do remember her saying this.

Now, what do I think Bastila’s role should be in KotOR III? Well, it depends on what the story is about and what timeline the story takes place in. Now, I have said several times how strongly I am against the idea of the devs using the canon Revan and the canon Exile in KotOR III, however, I don’t mind if they use canon on any other characters apart from Revan and the Exile in KotOR III.

What I mean by that is, in TSL, despite the fact that you could kill Bastila in KotOR as LSM Revan, she shows up anyway. I don’t mind if they do stuff like that, as the fate of some important characters in KotOR and TSL, who could potentially have significant roles in KotOR III, weren’t decided by the characters alignment. For example, you could be any alignment you want and still have the option to kill Atris in TSL as the Exile. It makes things easier for the devs this way, because it saves time and resources.

Now, presuming KotOR III is a follow up of TSL, they should IMO make it that Bastila is also alive if Revan is set as a LSF, so this way, she’s alive no matter what, and can have a big role in KotOR III.

My idea is that no matter what, Bastila went looking for Revan in the unknown regions. During her search for Revan, she chances across you (the PC of KotOR III), who is just some random nobody force sensitive from a planet in the deep outer regions of space.

Someone who never has been, and isn’t affiliated with any major faction from the start, and has no prior association with the previous games. You’re just going about your normal, everyday type of business, whatever that may be, on your home planet, until, the ‘True Sith’ attack your planet.

At the time, Bastila is on your home planet, with HK-47 and T3-M4 (who she finds during her search on Vjun), and by chance, you come across her, or more or less, she can feel your presence through the force and your great potential, so she comes to you.

Call it a bizarre coincidence or whatever, but she’d help you, and perhaps two or three party members you gather along on your home planet, escape the ‘True Sith’ attack and flee to safety.

She’d then train you, her way. You see, I’d make it that she is no longer a Jedi or a Sith. Instead, she has developed a Kyle Katarn type philosophy, being that no force power is inheritably dark or light, but how and for what one uses a force power truly defines whether you’re good or evil.

As you can see, if it’s assumed that Bastila lives no matter what, in a KotOR III story that will presumably take place anywhere between two months to ten years after TSL, she could be your master. Good idea or not?

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