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[TSL] mjpb3's Exile! Slow Down!

I don't think I've ever seen another mod like this, and I did do a quick search, but I may not have used the correct term(s) to search for. If there is another mod like this, please just disregard this post.


I made a new mod that "slows" the Exile (male or female) down to the same walk/run animation speed that the PC and NPCs used in KotOR I.

I don't know about anyone else, but it has always bugged me that you run faster and "powerwalk" in KotOR II. I'm sure Obsidian had a very good reason for the speed increase -- maybe because of the new model files being used -- but even still, I always found it highly annoying.

Anyway, this mod fixes that by decreasing the speed of the walking and running animations being used by editing some entries in the appearance.2da file.


Inspiration for this mod came from achilles' wonderful Speed/Roleplay fix for 103PER and 304NAR --- and a post in the same thread by Lunar4. Thanks for the idea!


Please view the mod page for installation instructions.


Here's the link:


As always, feedback is welcomed.


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