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((Aida: I suggest that you make it so that you are in a different room of the temple. Some of us are slow in responding to others since we don't have regular internet access 24-7. I will try to bring you into context ok?))

Alkea replied, "No offense taken. If possible, I would like to return to Coruscant within a few days." She gave no indication as to her reasons but stood silent to see if Tabula would be agreeable. Not that it mattered. She intended to go anyway.

Greea saw the cover up and thought she saw a faint blush but didn't comment on it. Instead she replied, "I hope so myself. It is not a good time and she slightly touched the bulge." Then her face clouded as she sensed something in the temple. The change in her voice was evident, "Someone is here where they shouldn't be. An intruder."

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