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Originally Posted by Chonan45
Considering the boring, shallow, 2-dimensional and uninteresting characters Obsidian came up with, I'm not particularly keen on "new" characters.
i partly agree, partly disagree with that. i'll admit, when i first saw the list of characters, i thought 'rip-off'. Canderous (again) HK-47 (again) TM (again), Hanharr (another wookie...), they were just recylced parts. having played it, i do not find these new characters as interesting, cannot relate to them as much as in the original KOTOR. bastila was one of my favourites from KOTOR I, and i would be disappointed were she not to return, or play a part.

another thing... if the characters were entirely new, where would we establish the continuity? it's KOTOR III, not a spin-off, as far as we know, and the developers would something in the way of a link to the previous two, whatever form that may take. bastila would be an obvious choice.
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