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RD Boarding School RP- NEW YEAR

Okay, so we needed a new RP so here it is! The RD fourmers have all somehow enrolled in the same boarding school. Age doesn't matter, so we're all in the same grade. But, somehow everyone's least favorite bitchface Dark was enrolled in here too, so what will happen when she tries to ruin it all, for the third time, again?

Blah blah blah, so here are the rules:

1. Bio for each person, but try to stay as yourself.
2. Keep it PG-13ish
3. Romances only if the other person wants one too.
4. Stay on topic
5. For appearance, please use this site and post(use bbcode to post):
6. for bio, pick what classes you want.
Sooooooo, I'll start.

Name Zelda (Zelly, Zell)
Sex: Female
Classes: Art, fashin, tech stuff, swimming, piano, choir, volleyball, writing, Lan. arts, math, health


Zelly stepped out of her parents car and walked to the school. 'So pretty', she thought. She went to her mom for her stuff, said good bye, and went inside. The front desk had no one there, so she looked for a bell, dang it, and a little woman came from around the corner.
Woman: Name?
Zelly: Umm, Zelda J.
Woman: Here. You have room 15. Good bye.
With that, the woman slipped back around the corner and closed the door.

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