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Haha, first RP forum post again! *reserved*

Mmmk, time for teh bio eh? Okeeday, here goes:

Name: Davinq (Dav)
Sex: Male
Appearance: Not gonna bother with the dolly thing, sorry Zelda. Blonde hair blue eyes, let your imagination run away with teh rest.
Classes: Soccer, DJing, History of Rock, F.L.A.S.H., Hacking.

Davinq got off the bus, took a look around, and sighed. Turning to the person next to him, he asked, 'where do I sign in?'

'Over there,' He pointed. 'Just follow the signs.'

As Dav made his way to the check-in table, he saw a familiar face amidst all the serious-looking strangers.

'Oi, Zelly!' Dav called out.

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