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Originally Posted by BattleDog
K2 only makes sense if you wnet LS in K1 because Revan WINS in the darkside ending, the fleet is destroyed and all that remains is to take Coruscant. The K2 you basically have to believe that Revan left and that then everyone else just stopped working, Revan wasn't even that big in K1, he's the hero, not the king.
Actually, it says that when Revan left, without the strength of a leader, they fell back into civil they always do. You're right, Revan isn't "the king" but he is a strong leader.

Originally Posted by BattleDog
K3 should go canon and then use that to build a really good solid story like K1 had.
Oh...I completely disagree. There would be ways to fit the story around the players past choices. I don't want my choices and my characters from the past games to simply be discarded like they never existed.
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