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The Doctor didn't look up from his work. "A simple bio-scan would reveal your species. When I'm done with the TARDIS, I can..." He trailed off into silence, looking up at her suddenly. "What sort of necklace?" he asked, straightening.


Rose looked around as she stepped out of the TARDIS, Tylor and his marines a few metres ahead of herself and Karda.

"Rose, tell me something..." said Karda, turning to her slightly, his hands behind his back. "The Doctor. While he seems to be similar to the old Doctor that I met in the other timeline, this one seems to have a significantly more... darker side. I sense great sadness and barely controlled self loathing just beneath the surface of his thoughts. I was wondering... do you happen to know what happened to cause such a drastic change?"

Rose took a deep breath, shifting slightly. "Well... I don't know a lot about his past... he's rather private, incase you hadn't noticed. I know that his homeworld was destroyed in a War with a race called the Daleks, and that his people... his people were destroyed. He's the last of his race. He's never said how he survived."

Karda nodded. "Surivor's guilt is a common wartime phenomenon. Kira also carries a great deal of guilt from the Mandalorian Wars." He sighed. "Well, I s'pose there's nothing to be done. He'll get over his guilt in his own time."
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