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Saying that KotOR III should go canon with Revan and the Exile on this forum should be ban worthy if you ask me. Not really, but going canon in KotOR III would be completely stupid, lame and unnecessary.

What is the point of even playing KotOR and TSL then? As Emperor Devon said, I would hesitate to call it KotOR III. Use your imagination more. It’s entirely possible to do a ‘workable’ and ‘solid’ storyline in KotOR III without going canon, capish?

Originally Posted by Chonan45
Considering the boring, shallow, 2-dimensional and uninteresting characters Obsidian came up with, I'm not particularly keen on "new" characters.
Umm…WTF are you talking about?

Originally Posted by Salzella
i partly agree, partly disagree with that. i'll admit, when i first saw the list of characters, i thought 'rip-off'.
That’s what I thought about KotOR's party members, except for Jolee and HK-47.

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