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Originally Posted by LordHoban
Good idea, but I just wonder why you'd want to get places slower? More and more, I tended to use the speed force power to get places faster, especially in a recent playthrough of KOTOR1.
Because when I play, I enjoy playing. I don't play just to "get where I am going the fastest way possible". I like to enjoy a playthrough not run through it so fast that I forget what I was doing in the first place.

Besides, as you mention, there is always the option to use Speed to get somewhere faster.


I made this mod because I am tinkering with making a module (for myself -- so don't ask for it please) and while in the module looking around at everything I was positioning inside it, I kept getting annoyed at how fast Exile just walks. Running like she's in a footrace is one thing, but goodness! Why does she have to walk so fast!?

So I remembered achilles' mod and took a look through that and discovered how to slow Exile down to the same speed as Revan and partymembers from K1.

Use this mod if you want--or not. It's up to you. But it is precisely what I needed right now for my own use and I thought others might want to use it too. Apparently, some people do since it has been downloaded quite a few times.

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