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Originally Posted by Mono_Giganto
Looks good, Bob. Your technique for lightsaber blades looks pretty cool. Out of curiosity, may I ask how you did it? I know a couple of ways to do it... But yours is interesting.
Thanks Mono! Actually, the way I did the lightsaber is probably the easiest way there is. I've seen a lot of really complicated tutorials but I realized most of them have extra steps that are really unnecessary.

All I do is draw a white line with a brush that looks about the right size for the picture. Then I duplicate the layer, move it behind the white layer and fill it with the colour I need. I Gaussian Blur the coloured layer but only a bit. Then duplicate the now blurred cloured layer, move it down one layer, and Gaussian Blur it again with a higher number.

Many times, I'll go back to the white layer and Gaussian Blur it slightly if I think it needs to be softened a bit. Its not always necessary, though. Usually on smaller pictures I find you can skip this step.

I haven't mentioned any numbers because it really varies depending on the size of the picture and the background composition, but if you keep the "preview" button checked in the Gaussian Blur menu its really easy to see what will look the best.

Hopefully that makes sense. I just woke up and I'm still a little out of it. heh

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