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"Whatev. Let's see what classes she signed up for. So we know where to avoid her." Ave got up, stretched a little, and walked over to Dark.
"Well if it isn't that stinkface, Avery" Dark said.
"Hello there Dark.." Ave crossed her arms and stared at Dark "Also, I don't stink. Because I'm wearing Armani Code, and you're wearing--" Ave smelled Dark's outstretched wrist "Paris Hilton heiress. That stuff makes me gag. What classes are you in so we can avoid your stupid ass?"
"I've yet to pick my classes. I'm doing that later. I do know that I will be taking Bitchery 101, and Fashion design."
"Damn, I'm in fashion. I hope you go to hell and make ugly couture."
"I hope you become poor and your hair falls out."
"Yeah, well if I shaved my head, I'd probably look like Natalie Portman shaved, and she was cute!"
"Alright!" Dark stormed off, dragging a suitcase of bad imitation Louis Vuitton.
Ave walked back to the group saying "That suitcase was such a knockoff."
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