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Name: You all know me as Mayhem
Age: 14

Mayhem said a fnal goodbye to her parents as they dropped her off at the boardinghouse. What had this nation come to? Mayhem asked herself. With the recent outbreak of Avian Birdflu (which had claimed at least 220 lives on the east coast at last count) many families were sending their children off to boardingschools where they would be sheltered and hopefully safe - considering the child had passed the health test. Mayhem had, and she was now to attend one of the many government funded boardinghouses that had cropped up lately. There was a bitter chill in the air she realized her sun soaked, SoCal self would have to learn to live with. But that would be the least of her worries at the moment.

"Do you need help with your bags?" her parents asked. Mayhem turned down to look at her bags, 3 luggage carriages which contained all her personal belongings: Clothes, shoes, jewlry, some electronics and a few other misc. items. She look back up to reply but an attendant cut her off, "No need, I can help her with her luggage."

Her parents nodded and waved Mayhem godbye, the car taking off again and blurring into the horizon, a plume of steam trailing behind the car where warm exhaust met cold air. Mayhem faced the school, which wasn't bad in all respects. Rather big and made of red brick, it showed all the signs of a youthful house. The attendant asked which room she was boarding in, adding that she'd arrived rather late compared to many other students and would need to prepare her room quickly to make it to orientation in time. Mayhem dug into her pocket and gave the chirpy redhead an evelope which contained all the info in regards to her stay. The redhaired attendant looked it over and gave her a perky nod, then she and Mayhem walked over to where her dorm was with bags in tow.

Once Mayhem reached the steps of the dorm facilites, the attendant placed the luggage on a small trolley, "They'll be up the steps before you!" Mayhem smiled slightly and bade the girl goodbye, walking up the staircase, her eyes watching the bags travel up the conveyor belt. Sure enough, they got to the top before her. From there she carried them herself up to her room. What would her dorm-mates be like? Well, along the way the attendant had informed her if she really wanted she could switch dorms. As she trudged to her room one of the wheels broke off the luggage carrier. Mayhem cussed and followed after it, noting that it had rolled into an open room. Picking it up, she noticed an eerily familiar looking vest spilling out of it's bag, and ... no ... a black panther head peeking out. She looked at the other end of the room, which had a nice black theme goin' on...

"Didn't Zelda ... nah, it couldn't be ... could it?" mayhem asked herself. Her dorm was only 2 doors away ... couldn't hurt to leave a little note - as a welcome, of course - could it? She reached into her luggage and wrote down a small note on paper with her pen before leaving for her dorm,

'Hey there! The name's ... well, just call me Mayhem ;D. I'm 2 dorms down, I have a feeling I may have met you guys before ... I'll catch ya later!'
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