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today's been good so far....

woke up at around 10, called my mom and talked for about an hour, then decided to go walk/run 2 miles before going to work at 12...that took 50 minutes, finished by stretching so i don't get a charlie horse later, then changed into work clothing and headed off to work, got there 5 minutes late, swiped my badge, and 'REJECTED TOO EARLY' my dept mgr was there so i was like 'hey am i early??' and she said i was supposed to be in at 5pm, so we double-checked the schedule and sure now i'm back home, my dad's prolly gonna come over later so we can call the tax collector and get the tax bill (the one that sayeth i owe $100 to some school wtf i didn't get one of these last year!) hopefully we can get that fixed so i don't owe them anything at all1! if i do owe them $100 i'll just pay it and be done w/it. not like i'll get the tax bill next year.

rest of todays plan is:

eat lunch (sloppy joe/baked beans)
play galaxies for 30-60 minutes
work out 30-60 minutes
call about tax bill (5-30 minutes)
clean apartment (30 minutes)
get ready for work
work (4 hours)
watch a few episodes of 24 season one/play galaxies
go to bed


I called the tax collector...had a nice conversation with her. (unlike last time where i called everything she said 'bull ****'...that's what happens when i get on the phone in the morning ) the tax is a 'Per Capita' tax that is supposedly given to everybody that is over the age of 18 within a school district. That's pretty lame that my sister did not receive one of these. So yeah, i'm buying her lunch at mcdonalds with that $5.25 penalty. Apparantly that's why I don't see any thing like 'berlin twp' tax thing on my paystubs. oh well. guess i'll be paying that next week..along with my rent and cable bill. o well least i'll have enough left over for gas til the next paycheck...which i'll be spending on car insurance and a new pair of glasses.

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