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Dav walked back to his dorm after an intense session of soccer with his English coach, Alex. He pulled out the key to his dorm... only to find it was unlocked. I've got a roommate already? Dav thought. He walked in and found that his assumption was correct. On the bed opposite his was a suitcase, with an all too familiar name on it.


Davinq got changed out of his soccer uniform and walked off to his DJing class. En route he overheard a melodic, all too familiar voice of a person he had only met twice before.


The person on the other side of the conversation was familiar too...


Then he rounded the corner that intersects the Fashion and Music hallways, and bumped head long into an all too familiar face that, for once, wasn't someone he was pleased to see:


"And who the hell do you think you are!?" Bitchface demanded.
"Ah -"
"What the hell's your problem, bumping into people like that!?"
"Well, I -"
"And look, I broke a nail! You're paying for my next manicure, bub!"

It was only at that point that she recognized him.

"Oh, wait..." She snickered. "You're one of that little squirt Ave's friends, aren't you? Yes, I remember now. And you were at that snowball fight, weren't you? Hrr, I seem to recall that if it weren't for you, I would have had Ave, AND Zelda. I suppose I'd better keep an eye on you."

With that, she walked off.

Here we go again Dav thought to himself.

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