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"My brothers the fricken headmaster and all I have to share a room with 3 more people. On another note, I call dibs on top bunk." said Psycho.

As Psycho walked to his band class carrying bob, his alto sax, he saw bitchface and her aura of evil.

Psycho knew he was losing his powers and he wasn't gonna waste whats left. He decided to try to make bitchface's life like hell.

He took out a tiny ballon and honked a big loogie into it. He tied it and took aim.

2 seconds later.

"Who did this!!!!? My hair is ruined! You!!!" said Dark as she ran toward Psycho at sonic speed.

Psycho ran into band class and with the help of the clarinets, they were able to create a force field to prevent Dark from entering the sacred realm of the band room.

Later that day Psycho decided to explore more secret shortcuts.

He was able to make it back to his dorm with ease.

He decided to go visit Janitor.

"Hey pal."

"Whats up" said Janitor.

"Not much. The map really helps." said Psycho.

Psycho thanked the janitor and walked back to the Dorm.

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