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Zelly went to get her diet coke after chatting with Psycho. While lounging in the cafe, she saw Mayhem chatting with Halo. She smiled, knowing she had her friends here. Of course, she frowned when bitchface came around the corner cussing about a nail. Dark saw her, smirked, and came over and sat.

Dark: Hello gothic freak.
Zelly: *sigh* Just for once will you f*** off Dark? I'm trying to enjoy a pop and you're ruining the moment.
Dark: Oh yeh? At least I've already been with a guy today. And you? None.

Zelly flipped Dark off, leaving the cafe and an annoyed Dark behind.

Zellly: *Thinking* Well, I've got no more classes till tomarrow, so I think I'll go unpack and visit the guys.

Zelly nodded to herself, went to her dorm and unpacked, and went to go chat with Dav, Halo, and Psycho. Weird, Zelly thought, where's Ave? She have another class? Zelly shrugged and went to go find the guys

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