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Life is a bitter pill sometimes...

Well, we still have about a week left in the month, and we are already approaching the 200-post mark. Cool. If this trend continues we will totally kick the ass of the "Redux" thread. We'll break... uhhh... let's see, carry the one... um, 2400 posts for the year, maybe, I think? Well... That would rawk!

And to help you "keep it up": Double doses of Viagra and Cialis for all! Except for you, Ray... you've already had quite enough! Put the goddamn bowl down, man! Those things aren't M&Ms!
Remember fellas: If you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours, call a doctor. Or a phone sex line. And a prostitute, the Guinness Book people, and all your buddies to brag.

On second thought... if we go that route, you'll all be too busy with... other activities... to post. So ignore all that, and just keep posting.

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