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O/T- sorry I was gone for a week, I was really busy. Wookies have lower level of technology because they have had no contact with the outside world, but they can have crossbows, the ancestor of the bowcaster and some advanced pulley and elevator systems for their tree houses. IF anyone ever post again

In an enormous explosion, the first Sith cruiser exploded, sending debris flying in every direction, heavily damaging the other Sith cruiser that was nearby. John only turned breifly to observe this before his attention was brought back to the critical condition of his ship. Emergency lights painted the bridge a blood red, eerily lighting the faces of those around him. He could sense their fear, he struggled to control his own.

With one final groan, the Star Ghost's aft armour plating peeled off due to the strange entry angle into the Kashyykian atmosphere.

"Sir, heat levels are rising!"

John didn't need to be told, he could feels the growing heat and the sweat pouring off of him. The temperature was hotter than a Tatooine summer day already.

As they gained speed, the Star Ghost became enveloped in a white flame, like a shooting star. John realized in horror that in a matter of minutes the temperature would boil their blood and kill them all. He reached for the force, comforted by it's familiar touch, and made a barrier around the bridge. He knew everyone else on the ship would die, but he could only protect a small area.

From the Republic cruisers, it looked as if everyone on the ship was dead already, so they made no action to send a landing craft down. They didn't notice the Warp V heading towwards the planet either, they were to busy with the Sith cruiser, which they had boarded and taken many prisoner.
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